Allison Faulkner

Allison Faulkner, founder of Fundamental Wellbeing, has partnered with Healthboost Australia to support clients living in Dubbo and the Orana region.
She offers naturopathic consults via phone, Skype, Messenger and other platforms. Healthboost provides logistical support to clients pre and post consultations. This includes free home delivery of prescription and medicines.
Allison’s move to naturopathy follows a life of twists and turns, where she moved from the corporate world of stress, anxiety and unhealthy life choices to discovering naturopathy. She found her own answers to her own anxiety, poor health, and depression. In her personal journey to health and wellness, she reconnected with her innate love of nature, natural solutions. She found her life purpose.
Allison brings to her practice and consultation an ability to understand the needs of her clients, tailoring solutions to their individual needs, circumstances and life choices. Her attitude is one of balance, of practical doable and realistic goal setting, and a holistic approach to wellness.
Allison also offers consultations for acute and chronic care situations and conditions.
To book an appointment with Allison please call us at Healthboost on 0268819494 or email us at