CATALASE (8th July 2022):

Catalase is an enzyme, a protein made by a living organism to help naturalize a chemical reaction. Especially, catalase is an extremely significant and diverse antioxidant enzyme.

Catalase is produced by almost every living creature. It helps remove hydrogen peroxide, which can harm cells. This extraordinary enzyme helps prevent aging and other long-standing conditions. 

Catalase and Hydrogen Peroxide

Catalase’s primary ‘job’ is to eliminate hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) by converting it into oxygen and water. Hydrogen peroxide is produced during aerobic respiration, the process by which cells generate usable energy by breaking down oxygen and glucose. However, it is considered reactive and can damage just about every part of the cell – so, it’s essential for cells to remove excess hydrogen peroxide.

Where Is It Found?

Just about every living thing that comes in contact with oxygen, from animals to bacteria, produces some form of catalase. Human catalase is generated by cells in every organ of the human body. The liver and kidneys, which help the body eject toxins, produce a specifically high amount of catalase. Red blood cells also make a lot of the enzyme since their job is to transfer oxygen, a process that produces a lot of hydrogen peroxide. Within cells, catalase can be existent in various cellular portions, such as the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) and peroxisomes (cellular organelles that break down fatty acids and hydrogen peroxide).

Benefits of Catalase: 

Prevents Hair Greying

Researches have consistently shown that grey hair growing follicles have lower levels of catalase and higher levels of oxidants like hydrogen peroxide. These data support the idea that lower levels of catalase in hair follicles are responsible, at least in part, for hair going grey; and taking catalase supplements changes catalase levels in hair follicles in a meaningful way.

May Protect From Cancer

Very broadly speaking, catalase can protect cells from potential damage. A study of 246 people with colon, prostate, and lung cancer found that early-stage tumors had low levels of catalase.

Possible Anti-Aging and Anti-Degenerative Effects

Catalase is currently being studied for its assistance on extending lifespan and vitality. Research scientists from the University Of Washington in Seattle and the University of California conducted a lab study, enhancing the natural catalase on human body. By supplementing with increased catalase, it is shown that the human lifespan can be raised by nearly 25 years. 

Promotes Longevity

Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School narrated in The Scientist Magazine that there is a direct link between the catalase enzyme, free radical harm, and our lifespan. The researches Sinclair observed on showed that free radical damage itself led to aging, and restraining this damage with catalase enzyme may help prevent degenerative disorders. Likewise, studies operated in Russia also show a correlation between catalase and other antioxidant enzymes and the expansion of life.

Fat Reduction

A sensational study from China shows a link between catalase and lowered amounts of fat in a lab research. The study showed that when people were on a high-fat diet, catalase helped normalize their cardiac function. The high-fat diet caused autophagy, which is cell death, but the catalase repaired the effects.

Supports DNA Integrity

A 2006 study from the Institute of Cytology and Genetics in Russia established that oxidative stress, accumulation of protein and DNA damage could be decreased in the presence of antioxidant enzymes, including catalase and glutathione in the cytosol and mitochondrial extracts from liver cells. This research also found that dietary supplements for enhancing the activity of catalase in the liver mitochondria led to reduced mitochondrial dysfunction and slowed the process of aging. 

The Bottom Line

Catalase is a potent antioxidant enzyme responsible for eliminating hydrogen peroxide. It can help protect cells, prevent damage related to aging and long-lasting conditions. Dosages for catalase supplements vary, but they typically contain 250-500 mg of the enzyme per serving. Discuss with your doctor if catalase may be beneficial as a fulfilling obtainment in your case and what amount of dosage you should take.

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