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Metagenics Digestex (Practitioner Brand)

Metagenics Digestex

Size: 30 tab

In order to buy this product you need to get prescription from a registered Australian natural health practitioner.

If your need medical advice, we are able to help you – contact us.


Metagenics Digestex

Practitioner Brand part of the Metagenics Gut Pathagen Elimination Program.

This product provides triple action digestive support


Digestive and gastro intestinalmotility

Relief from indigestive disorders

Stimulation of digestive enzymes and secretions.

This will act as to kick start a detox process, and improve overall digestive health.

It is a vegan, soy free, nut and seed free, lactose free, salt free, gluten free and dairy protein fee product. It is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives


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