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Hivita High Potency Stress 100 Tabs


Hivita High Potency Stress Size: 100 Tabs

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Hivita High Potency Stress

Size: 100 Tabs

Hivita High Potency Stress 100 tablets

There are times in our lives that we need additional support.  Hivita brings together a multivitamin supplement that has all the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to assist the body during challenging periods of life.  This can also assist in reducing or alleviating a sense of hopelessness, weariness or fatigue.


Helps to manage cholesterol via Vitamin B3 which favours production of red blood cells and helps prevent hardening of the arteries

Vitamins B3,B9, B12 and Vitamin C collectively help to support blood flow and circulation

High potency of Vitamin B3 in the form of Nicotinamide and Nicotinic acid helps to increase circulation of oxygen and other nutrients which in turn ease the body and help the body to manage stress

Assist in the blood flow within the body hence improving vasodilation

Selenium assists in reducing hypertension and helps to relieve the pain of angina attacks

Vitamin C and Selenium helps reduce oxidative stress in the body, lowers inflammation and boosts immunity

The tablet will support the body to maintain a healthy nervous system.  A strong nervous system will be beneficial in times of stress

The combination helps provide relief during stress and helps manage mild anxiety.

Recommended dose:

Adults: take one tablet with food or as directed by your natural health practioner.

It is recommended that this product not be taken in the evening as it may interfere with sleep due to central nervous system stimulation.

Avoid taking caffeine with this product due to additive stimulation effect.



Active Ingredients per tablet

(Vitamin A) – Retinyl acetate 225mcg R.E (Retinol equivalents)

Vitamin B

(B1) – Thiamine hydrochloride (equiv. to Thiamine 89.18mg) 100mg

(B2) – Riboflavin 15mg

(B3) – as Nicotinamide 350mg

(B3) – as Nicotinic acid 35mg

(B5) – Calcium pantothenate (equiv. to Pantothenic acid 18.32mg) 20mg

(B6) – Pyridoxine hydrochloride (equiv. to Pyridoxine 41.14mg) 50mg

(B7) – Biotin 30mcg

(B9) – Folic acid 400mcg

(B12) – Cyanocobalamin 25mcg

Vitamin B Cofactors


Inositol 25mg

Choline bitartrate 50mg

(Vitamin C) – Ascorbic Acid 200mg

(Vitamin D3) – Cholecalciferol (equiv. to Vitamin D3 200IU) 5mcg

(Vitamin E) – d-alpha Tocopheryl acid succinate (equiv. to Vitamin E 18IU) 15mg


Calcium amino acid chelate (equiv. to Calcium 2mg) 10mg

Calcium hydrogen phosphate (equiv. to Calcium 4.65mg) 20mg

Magnesium amino acid chelate (equiv. to Magnesium 10mg) 50mg

Manganese amino acid chelate (equiv. to Manganese 5.5mg) 55mg

Potassium aspartate ( Potassium 2.2mg) 10.47mg

Selenomethionine (equiv. to Selenium 100mcg) 248mcg

Zinc amino acid chelate (equiv. to Zinc 8mg) 40mg


Glutamine 25mg

Lysine hydrochloride 10mg

Free from dairy, lactose, yeast, wheat, gluten, egg, fish, preservatives, artificial colours or sweeteners.


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