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JS Health Anxiety + Stress

This brings together the benefits of Passionflower and Ashwangandha.

In Western medicine, passionflower is believed to generally support mood balance, relieving anxiety and leaving you feeling good and uplifted.  It is particularly considered beneficial during stressful and challenging times.  Passionflower also helps to decrease, reduce and relieve disturbed and restless sleep.  It is also beneficial in generally cooling your nerves, so take it before an interview or an exam or during a difficult assignment.

Ashwangandha has been traditionally used in Eastern medicine to reduce and alleviate the symptoms of mild anxiety, stress and is believed to support the nervous system.  It is also generally known to relieve irritability and calm down the nerves.

The formula contains Vitamin B5 that helps to maintain and support mental function and general cognitive functions in your brain.

This formula also contains Vitamin C that is an antioxidant, generally reduces free radicals formed in the body, and helps to boost your immune system.

This brings together the two herbs in a truly nurturing formula to nourish and provide you with the balance required for you to achieve your full potential.


ASHWAGANDHA: Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicines as a rejuvenating tonic. It is an adaptogen to help the body adapt to stress, and relieves feelings of general malaise and debility

PASSIONFLOWER: Traditionally used in western herbal medicine to reduce and relieve the symptoms of mild anxiety, stress and nervous tension, relieve irritability, and calm and soothe the nerves.

VITAMIN B5: Supports cognitive and mental function.

VITAMIN C: An antioxidant that reduces free radicals formed in the body.

Each film-coated tablet contains: Withaniasomnifera (Ashwagandha) extract dry 75 mg, derived from dry root 1.5 g; Matricaria chamomilla (Chamomile) extract dry 28 mg, derived from dry flower 224 mg; Passiflora incarnata (Passionflower) extract dry 52.50 mg, derived from dry flower 525 mg; Rehmanniaglutinosa (Rehmannia) extract dry 50 mg, derived dry root 500 mg; Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm) extract dry 285.72 mg, derived from dry leaf 1 g; Calcium pantothenate 5.46 mg, equivalent Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) 5 mg; Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 25 mg; Magnesium (as glycinate dihydrate) 25 mg; Choline bitartrate 75 mg, equivalent Choline 30.75 mg; Inositol 150 mg.

Recommended dose:

Take 1 tablet twice daily or as directed by your natural health practitioner.

This formula does not contain the following:

1) No Nasties
2) Animal Products
3) Artificial sweeteners
4) Aspartame
5) Crustacea
6) Dairy
7) Egg
8) Fish
9) Gluten
10) Lactose
11) Peanuts
12) Sesame
13) Soy
14) Sucralose
15) Sugars
16) Sulphites
17) Tree Nuts
18) Wheat
19) Yeast


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