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Nature’s Sunshine Withania 100 Capsules


Nature’s Sunshine Withania

Size: 355mg 100c

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Withania, also known as ashwaganda, is an eastern medical herb with over twelve proven benefits.  In Hindi the name “ashwaganda” means “horse smell” and this refers to the horse’s strength and health rather than its smell.

They include:

1) Reduction in blood sugar levels
2) Reduction in cortisol levels
3) Reduction in anxiety and stress
4) Reduction in depression
5) Believed to have anti cancer properties
6) Believed to boost testerone and increase fertility in men
7) Believed to increase mass mass and strength
8) It is an adaptogenic herb and has traditionally been used for vitality, endurance and stress support.

Nature’s sunshine Withania has no added yeast, starch, soy, sugars or salt, no artificial colourings and flavourings, or preservatives.


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