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Pretorius Throat-Clear Lozenges Honey & Lemon


Pretorius Throat-Clear Lozenges Honey & Lemon

Size: 20 Pack

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Reach for these if you are feeling the advent of a sore throat or cough.  A high potency sugar free lozenges.  It is packaged with the wisdom of ancient traditions.

Native Americans have traditionally used echinacea, just as the Chinese have used ginseng

Your grandmother must have spoken of the benefits of honey and lemon.  This is bringing all your grandmother’s wisdom to you in a form that is comforting, safe and effective.

This lozenge combines the benefits of echinacea with nigella sativa seed oil and other essential natural ingredients to assist you to recover from sore throats and flu like symptoms.  It also helps to relieve a blocked nose, and ease nasal congestion.


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