Way to Deal with Stress

Dealing with Stress

Stress is a fact of life, but there are many ways of managing stress in our lives.  Let us not be overwhelmed by it. Let’s look at some ways that we can manage stress.

First of all, you may consider maintaining a stress journal.  Because we don’t all respond in the same way to events.  Possibly take notes of the causes of stress, as well as your physical and emotional responses, or reactions to it in order to make you feel better.  That will help you to understand what will help you to destress as well as help you to identify triggers to stress so that you can prevent it from happening in the first place.

Of course, we have all heard of the Serenity Prayer.  Accepting the things, you cannot change, or control, practicing gratitude, knowing to compromise and forgive at times, and expressing your feelings instead of piling them up within you are the necessary prerequisites before learning to adapt to stressful situations.

There are a few more ways to reduce or de-stress

Regular Exercise: Exercises like walking, jogging, cycling, rock climbing, and swimming increase the efficiency, and enhance the function of the heart and lungs, enable good circulation, reduce fat, lower blood pressure, and improve both the body immunity system and sleep quality.

Most importantly, activities having repetitive muscle movements boost your self-confidence by promoting mental well-being and relieving stress.  It just makes you feel good.

Practicing Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation: Mindfulness involves acceptance, and paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and sensations at the present moment without judging them, rather than dwelling upon your past, or re-imagining your future. Meditation helps in bringing about an altered state of consciousness.  It can be guided or you can just do it yourself.  There are a range of audio books that help you to meditate and might be useful if you are new to it.

Yoga consists of a series of learned techniques for refocusing of attention, lowering cortisol levels, and increasing the neurotransmitter gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) that generally gets reduced in mood disorders. Relaxation techniques start from the lower part of the body and progress up to the facial muscles in a manner that the whole body is relaxed.

Herbal Supplements In Your Daily Diet And Reducing Intake of Stimulants: Stress often affects our behaviour in the form of eating less nutritional food, increasing intake of drugs and alcohol, tranquillisers, stimulants such as caffeine, as well as engaging in excessive smoking. 

Tranquillisers can be addictive and entail side effects such as poor levels of concentration, coordination, and dizziness. Caffeine is found in tea, coffee, and energy drinks, and its intake in large quantities can make you feel jittery and anxious.

You can avoid all that by including herbal supplements in your diet like Chamomile, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Tulsa, and Lavender.  This has proven quite effective in reducing the levels of stress hormone. Green tea also contains polyphenol antioxidants which provide many health benefits and reduce stress by raising serotonin levels.

Miracles Of Chewing Gums, Laughing, and Cuddling In Providing Stress Relief: Having chewing gums are said to promote blood flow in your brain.

Laughing is good for your health, for it relieves tension by relaxing your muscles, and boosting your immune system. Positive physical contacts including laughing, hugging, cuddling can all minimize stress by releasing oxytocin (the love hormone) and lowering cortisol levels. They curtail physical symptoms of stress by moderating blood pressure and heart rate.

So, play with your pet, have lots of sleep, eat healthy food, listen to soothing music, watch funny television shows, and socialize with your family and friends during tough times. I am sure that this will bring back your sense of purpose, belonging, and self-worth.

Using aromatherapy, or pleasant scents to treat your mood, self-talking, and creative visualization might be further effective in improving sleep and cutting down upon negative thoughts.

However, there can be times in our lives when you may yet feel that anxiety is piling up inside you, and you are unable to cope up with stress; in such cases.  This is normal and it happens to all of us: you are not alone in this.  It is best to visit a counsellor or a mental health professional who will guide you by analyzing your specific physical, mental, and social conditions, and give you tools to help you get through difficult times.

Some of us may need stress inoculation training including cognitive behavioural techniques under the guidance of experts have mostly proved to be beneficial in replacing negative, irrational thoughts with positive, rational ones.

Often a bit of natural supplements can assist and we at Healthboost offer individual consultations with a registered natural health practitioner. As well as a menu of supplements to support your recovery and rejuvenation:

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