NXGEN Grass Fed Beef Organs Capsules 500mg 160 capsules


NXGEN Grass Fed Beef Organs Capsules 500mg

Size: 160 capsules


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NXGEN Grass Fed Beef Organs Capsules 500mg

Size: 160 capsules

This capsule uniquely brings together most nutrient dense food from Beef organs namely liver, kidney, heart and bone marrow.

This is a uniquely Australian product that bring together ancient wisdom and modern science creating the next generation health supplement to provide a range of health benefits including

1) Boosting energy demands

2) Boosting liver health

3) Managing histamine levels

4) Assisting in the maintainence of urinary tract health

5) Assisting in boosting and maintaining immunity

6) Regulating blood pressure

7) Assisting in the maintainence of mitochondria health

8)Supporting cartilage repair and growth

9) Contributing to bone and joint health

10) Assisting in the maintenance of mobility

The capsules are GMO free, with no preservatives or additives.  There are no fillers and it is freeze dried to retain heat sensitive vitamins, minerals, cofactors, enzymes bioavailable acitvators and peptides.

Uniquely Australian product, made from Central Australian grazing lands of Lake Eyre.  Beef graze only on native grasses again uniquely Australian.


Australian Freeze Dried Grass Fed & Finished Beef Liver, Beef Heart, Beef Kidney, Beef Bone Marrow and Gelatine Capsule.

Suggested Use:

Take 2 capsules daily before meals.


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