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STRESS is a mechanism by which our human body responds to all threats in all its forms, whether from danger or demand. Whenever your brain senses any danger due to any reason the body immediately responds by moving into an alert position. Not all stress is bad, we know, and sometimes it helps you to fight ……… read more.

Way to Deal with Stress: Although stress is a fact of life, you don’t need to be overwhelmed by it, or let it come in the way of your health, happiness, and goals in life. Loss, loneliness, conflict, competition, uncertainty, health challenges, deadlines, and financial strain are things we all tend to experience in our everyday lives ….. read more.

Stress and Sleep:A good night’s sleep is critical to health and wellbeing.  Scientists have often seen a close relationship between lack of sleep and a number of health problems including high blood pressure, weight gain, weakened immune system, both short- and long-term memory issues, depression ……….. read more.

Lotus Roots- A Miracle Cure?: Rather than waiting for a disease to strike, herbalism works towards maintenance of optimal health, and foregrounds the benefits of conventional treatments. Physical breakdowns are mostly the result of unheeded warnings that the body has been trying to communicate ………….  read more.