Arjuna: Our Herbal Hero!

Arjuna: Our Herbal Hero! (24th April 2021):

Our body’s response to stress is supposed to protect us. But what happens if stress becomes constant?

The hormone cortisol is released in response to stress. And, high levels of cortisol released due to long-term stress can increase the chances of blood sugar and blood pressure.

Yes! All these are the common risk factors for heart disease. But, what exactly is the link between stress and heart diseases?

Even minor stress resulting from conflicts, and meeting deadlines can trigger heart problems like poor blood flow to the heart muscle. This is a condition where there is a build-up of plaque deposits in the arteries. As a result, the heart cannot get enough blood or oxygen, and the chances of stroke get higher.

Okay, makes sense now!

Maintaining your heart health ensures that your entire body stays healthy. Every time it is not possible to maintain the health of our heart just by exercise and diet.

So, today we are going to introduce one such amazing plant that is a scientifically-proven natural heart-caretaker! What’s more, it’s already rocking the Ayurvedic medicine kingdom!

Alright then! It’s none other than the Arjuna plant (terminalia arjuna).
Incorporating Arjuna supplements within your regular diet is sure to improve your overall health too.

If smooth blood flow and muscle contractions remain unaffected, then that’s good for your digestive and kidney functions indeed!

Wonders of Arjuna!
Manages Chest Pain:
Arjuna keeps chest pain (angina) under control by lowering the level of cortisol—the stress hormone.

Rich in Antioxidant Content:
Certain constituents such as Tannins and glycosides present in the Arjuna bark have antioxidant properties. But, how does that affect our health?
These constituents actually protect the blood vessels and cells against damage caused by free radicals!

Regulates Gut Motility:
Arjuna prevents excess loss of water from the body. It supports an antibacterial property that controls intestinal infections caused by microorganisms. Sounds good, doesn’t it?!

After knowing how beneficial it can be, don’t forget to try out Arjuna products to give a boost to your immune system! It is always a wiser choice to go for natural and herbal products over chemical ones.
The best part is that these have no harmful effects on our body over the long-term!

Please don’t choose unhealthy ways to deal with stress. Always eat and drink healthy!

Healthboost has a range of practitioner brand products with Arjuna (terminalia arjuna) , so make a time to discuss with our natural health practitioners today.

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