Barley grass is a usual ingredient at health stores and juice shops, commonly appearing alongside with other greens like spinach, kale, and wheatgrass. It is frequently called a superfood and used as a supplement to improve immune function, promote weight loss, and support overall health.

What is Barley Grass?

Barley is a kind of grain that is considered the fourth most significant cereal crop around the world.

Also known as Barley greens and Barley leaves, Barley grass is the leaf of the barley plant. It has been studied widely for its favorable impacts on health and is often used in green juices and supplements.

Although fresh Barley grass can be tricky to find, it is always available in other forms, including tablets, juices, powders, and gummies.


Barley grass is rich in a diversity of significant nutrients. Dried Barley grass, in particular, is a potent source of fiber, boasting almost 3 grams per tablespoon (10 grams).

Additionally, each serving of Barley grass contains a great amount of vitamin A, a fat soluble vitamin that controls cell growth, immune function, and vision. It’s also rich in vitamin C, which plays a major role in everything from wound healing to skin health to oral health.

It provides you vitamin K as well, an essential micro component that is needed for blood clotting, heart health, bone formation and more.

Lastly, it’s high in flavonoids and polyphenols. These components act as antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress and protect against chronic ailments.

Potential Health Benefits

Barley grass has been linked with various significant health benefits.

May Balance Blood Sugar Levels

Certain study reviews suggest that Barley grass could help you regulate healthy blood sugar levels. This may be thanks to its content of insoluble fiber, a type of fiber that doesn’t dissolve in water. It is discussed that increasing your fiber intake could decrease blood sugar levels and enhance insulin sensitivity, making it easier for your body to use insulin efficiently.

May Support Heart Health

Including Barley grass to your diet is a great way to boost your heart health.

According to an older study review in 36 people with diabetes, taking 15 grams of Barley leaf extract for one month lowered the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol, which is a major risk factor for heart disorders.

Barley grass also contains components like saponarin, Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid(GABA), and tryptophan, all of which have been connected to reduced blood pressure, decreased inflammation, and enhanced heart health.

May Support Weight Loss

Barley grass is low in calories but high in fiber, making it a potent addition to your healthy weight loss diet. Fiber moves through your body slowly, keeping you feeling fuller for longer to curb cravings and reduce hunger. In fact, various study reviews have found that increasing your consumption of fiber could promote weight loss.

For instance, one research in 250 women connected each gram of fiber consumed daily with 0.30% less body fat and 0.25 kg of weight loss over 20 months. Similarly, a 6 month research in 350 adults with obesity or overweight displayed that those who consumed more fiber lost more weight and found it easier to stick to their prescribed diet list.

Additionally, another research showed that drinking Barley grass juice reduced Body Mass Index (BMI) and body weight more efficiently than some of the well-known drugs.

Bone Health

Calcium is the major building block of bones, and having a potent source of calcium in your diet is important for your bone health.

The calcium found in Barley grass can help reverse or resist osteoporosis (a disorder that weakens your bones and increases the risk of unexpected fractures). It can also assist in keeping your teeth healthy, particularly when combined with the phosphorus that is also found in Barley grass.


Although fresh Barley grass can be hard to find, Barley grass powder is globally available at various pharmacies, health stores, and online. It has a mild, slightly bitter flavor and makes a good addition to smoothies, shakes, and juices.

Here’s an easy recipe for a Barley grass smoothie:


  • 1-2 teaspoons of Barley grass powder,
  • 1 banana,
  • 1 cup (150 grams) of blueberries,
  • 1 cup (240 ml) of milk.


  1. Add ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour, serve, and enjoy.

The Takeaway

Barley grass is a general and quite useful ingredient often included in supplements, juices, and green powders. It is rich in various nutrients and is globally available. However, you should consult your doctor or a healthcare professional before adding this healthy natural compound to your diet.

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