Beef Thymus

Beef Thymus (24th February 2022):

What is the Thymus?

The thymus is a gland in your body which is located beneath the thyroid gland and above the heart. It’s formed like two ovals and is pinkish-grey in colour. The thymus is a remarkable organ in that it functions both before and after birth, as well as during puberty. When you reach puberty, the gland shrinks and is replaced by fatty tissue. Your thymus gland shrinks as you get older, making it less effective.

What is the purpose of the thymus?

Despite the fact that the thymus gland stops operating early in life, it nonetheless serves a number of important functions. Thymosin is a hormone that is produced and released by the thymus gland. This hormone is in charge of promoting the creation of T lymphocytes, also known as T cells. These immune system cells assist the body fight illness. T cells are created in the thymus and then move to your lymph nodes to combat infection.

What is beef thymus or thymus extract?

The thymus glands of cows, usually calves, are used to make thymus extract. It can also be made synthetically. Some individuals believe that thymus extract offers medical benefits since the thymus gland is a key aspect of the immune system in both animals and humans. They believe that eating it can help you fight diseases by boosting your immune system. Thymus extract is claimed to treat hay fever, airway infection, the common cold, flu, food allergies, asthma, weakened and enlarged heart (dilated cardiomyopathy), and a variety of other ailments. 

A brief history of Thymus extract:

Using animal glands or organs for medical purposes is a centuries-old concept. This notion, sometimes known as glandular treatment, is founded on the idea that “like heals like.” For example, glandular therapists believe that ingesting nutrients from a healthy animal’s liver can aid in the regeneration of a damaged liver. Scientists began looking for active compounds in organ meals with health benefits in the early 1900s. Many compounds, such as thyroid extracts, oestrogen, and cortisol, have now been separated by scientists and manufacturers. One of the compounds they’ve extracted is thymus extract.

Why should you care?

Thymus extract is known to have a multitude of health benefits. Some of them are:

    • Treatment for autoimmune diseasesThymus extract is sometimes sold as a supplement to treat autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis (MS), Graves’ disease, and Celiac disease. Autoimmune disorders arise when your body misidentifies healthy cells and tissues as intruders and destroys them. Thymus extract may help reverse thymosin imbalances that may contribute to such disorders, according to older research from 1976Trusted Source.
    • Skin care- Thymus extract is sometimes used as an anti-aging ingredient in cosmetics and hair care products. Amino acids and peptides in the extract are claimed to help maintain the skin supple and smooth. Bovine thymus is sometimes referred to as “bovine collagen” in ingredient lists for skin care products. The extract is used in moisturisers, face masks, and other products.
    • Treatment for respiratory diseases- According to some data, thymus extract may help prevent respiratory infections like bronchitis. This study focuses on patients who are susceptible to respiratory illnesses. Thymus extract may also be used to treat hay fever (allergic rhinitis) and sinusitis, both of which can damage the respiratory system. Thymus extract is also used to treat eczema (atopic dermatitis), an inflammatory skin disorder that often occurs in conjunction with hay fever and allergic asthma. A hyperactive immune system can cause asthma attacks in some people. According to certain studies, thymomodulin can help lower the intensity of asthma attack symptoms. It may also aid in the reduction of asthma attacks.
  • Treatment of viral infections- Thymus extract has been used to treat hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV in some cases. The supplements are supposed to enhance your immune system and aid your body in fighting viral illnesses. When using any supplement for an active viral infection, however, you should exercise extreme caution, especially if your immune system is impaired due to HIV. Some supplements derived from animals may be contaminated.

What is the takeaway?

To keep you safe from infections, you need a healthy, well-functioning thymus gland. It also determines the rate at which people age. The thymus thrives when you’re young. Maintaining a healthy thymus and limiting glandular shrinkage as you get older protects you from cancer and viral illnesses like influenza and coronaviruses. What you require is a comprehensive plan to maintain and regenerate the health of your thymus. Beef extract supplements can aid you in the process of rejuvenating your thymus and thus protecting your body against infections, autoimmune diseases, sagging skin and so on. You might want to use these glandular extracts judiciously and reap the benefits out of them.

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