Celebrating our winnings

Celebrating our winnings (10th October, 2020):

10102020 we will never see that again.  Ever.  How should we commemorate this day?

And so today we at Healthboost, we decided to look at the good things happening in the world around us.

We absolutely recognise that our country and our people have been doing it tough through this year so far.  As has been the rest of the world.  However, despite, the drought, the fires and the pandemic, we do have some great things that have also been happening, around us, around the world.  And perhaps we need to give some thought to inject a dose of positivity into our day.

So, let’s have a look around.  Now did you know – after the bushfires and the devastation caused to both flora and fauna, Australians have started releasing rescued koalas back into their homes and their lands.  The rejuvenation has commenced.

Moreover, the crisis brought out the best in humanity. All around the world. Over 500,000 people volunteered to support disadvantaged communities and people helping them with transport to appointments, and delivering food and essential items.

Through the pandemic the world also saw a drop in pollution.  There was certainly less carbon and nitrogen in the atmosphere generally because there were fewer cars on the road, with many many people all over the world working from home.

Anecdotally we have also heard that as people stayed at home they took to the kitchen.  They brought out their old cook books or created new dishes.  This was a phenomenon that was witnessed not only in Australia, where we saw an increase in the sale of cooking material like flour, but internationally as well, with farmers all over the world recording and talking about the demand for their local food.  Go local. Shop local.  Eat local.

Fundraising efforts increased globally to support the vulnerable.  This pandemic brought out the best of humanity.

And I am sure that many of us, have had the opportunity to take time out to do the things that they had never been able to do before.

Our spirits will not be doomed by the pandemic or the environmental disasters.  All of us can make time to think through the wins this year.  I am sure you will find some personal ones.  I sure did.