Children O’ Pandemic

Children O’ Pandemic (19th September 2020): Empty parks, closed schools, lonely bicycles standing in one corner. Little children all home-bound. All that they can do is dream of far away distant lands. Of walking barefoot on  green grassy  fields and swimming in shimmering blue waters.

The little children have been one of the worst sufferers in the wake of the pandemic. Suddenly their idyllic world  have been hit with some heavy words like quarantine, pandemic, isolation and the  evil monster – Corona. No school, no meeting friends, no outdoor activities. All barred just overnight.  Such a scenario can be very detrimental to the mental well being of any person, specially children. So how can we help as a family? How can we help them overcome this pall of gloom? By hacking the happiness chemicals in our body. There are actually happiness ‘buttons’ within us which if triggered properly can change your mood like magic!

Oxytocin the love hormone. Hugs and cuddles are an instant mood lifter so hug your child more now. Encourage them to play with their pets, more often. Give them a compliment by holding their hands or give them a gentle pat on their backs.

Serotonin the mood stabilizer. Physical activities release more serotonin. So engage your child in some physical exercise,every day. Skipping doesn’t need much space and is fun. Play some your child’s favourite music and you can also join in the skipping. Create games and encourage them in developing fun activities: Frog hops, bunny hops, freestyle dancing all can be incorporated in the daily exercise routine. If you are home schooling them create activities in between their study.All children love to jump. So, let them jump!

Dopamine the reward chemical. Make your child a healthy treat once in a while. As a reward for doing  home work well, or doing a good deed like helping in the household chores or  just to celebrate what a lovely little child  they are! And who said desserts or sweet treats can’t be healthy? Watch this space for recipes of delicious healthy treats.

Planting trees is another instant mood lifter. Let the child get some mud on her hands. Let her smell the wet earth. Grow some vegetables and herbs and make your own green patch. Hang planters,or keep them on the window sills if there is a space crunch. Grow indoor plants. It is imperative that we teach children the importance of trees and also that we can grow our own food. Once the seeds start to bloom the child’s joy will know no bounds. The joy of creating something with your own hands is simply a magical feeling.

Endorphin the pain killer.Laughter is truly the best medicine. Have a hearty laugh with your child. Share a funny story, or watch cartoons, or simply make funny noises and faces! It is important we all laugh. Laugh your worries away. Laugh at your own follies. Just laugh.

As Natalie Imbruglia sings ‘ everything wrong gonna be alright, come September!’.Let’s keep the faith!