Dubbo City – coming out in Style

Dubbo City – coming out in Style (3rd July 2020): Dubbo is opening up with a range of sporting and cultural activities this week.  That is a relief for many small and medium businesses in the city that has been dealt a hard blow first with the drought, then with the bushfires and then COVID 19.

This Saturday will see the Dubbo Greyhounds race and through all weekends in July.  If you are into this, make sure you head down to Dawson Park for a night out with your friends and family, and to cheer on your favourite dog.

Did you hear a pop?  It is the popping of the corn at the cinemas as they open the door to the public after many months.  There is a film for everyone.  Take your pick, choose a seat and sit back and relax.  Of course, they have new regulations in place, including reduced capacities and increased hygiene stations.  But hey, it may feel different, look different too perhaps – but it is just our own city cinemas and what a blessing it is opening.

And the icing on the cake!  DCFM88.9 is hosting the Blowes Cup R9 Dubbo Roos v Emus, and the Old Boys Day at Apex Oval on Saturday.  So just go and take it all in.

What is critical though is that we take all health advice seriously, and we don’t slip on our health and hygiene regime.  Time also to remind ourselves on the importance of boosting your immunity.

We have a range of products in our store – both shopfront and online – that do just give you a helping hand to give your health an immune boost.

So, talk with our natural health practitioner and take stock of your immunity today.

And to round this up, – a word about isolation and its effects.  As we sit cooped up and in our own company, often we reminisce about good times, and we feel disenchanted with the present circumstances.  Sometimes the views that we express in those circumstances may not be popular, and others may disagree with you.  Often that becomes a reason why we don’t say or articulate our views and we keep it to ourselves.  It bubbles within us, and it is not healthy.  In fact, this can have negative consequences.So, reach out to ones you trust and express your views – and they can just listen, they may not agree with you, but you have found a way of getting your thoughts out, your voice heard.  Find a way of articulating your views and opinions, they may be quite different to mine or the next person’s but do that, for yourself.