Forskolin (26th January 2022):

Forskolin is derived from the root of a mint plant. Forskolin, which has been praised by TV doctors and nutritionists, first gained popularity as a weight-loss product a few years ago. However, it’s been utilised in Ayurvedic treatment for a long time. There is no such thing as a magic medication when it comes to losing weight. So, while forskolin may not have magical fat-burning powers that would help you lose weight overnight, research has shown that it can potentially help you maintain your weight. But, more crucially, forskolin boasts a slew of other health benefits that may astound you. According to certain studies, forskolin may help with weight loss and growth of the muscles. Forskolin has a lengthy history as a traditional asthma therapy. Some study backs this up. Forskolin appears to work similar to some types of standard asthma treatments by boosting the levels of a chemical called cyclic AMP. This article aims to give an insight into the various health benefits of forskolin.

Health Benefits of Forskolin

Aids weight loss: Forskolin helps generate enzymes called lipase and adenylate cyclase, which aid in weight loss in theory. Fatty acids are released from the body’s cells by these two enzymes. Fatty acids can be used as fuel once they are liberated. When fatty acids are used by the body, fat is reduced without harming lean muscle mass. A 2005 study found that giving 30 obese men 250 mg of 10% forskolin extract twice a day for three months helped them change body composition while simultaneously boosting bone mass. Forskolin is a possible therapeutic drug for the management and treatment of obesity,” the study found.

Prevents glaucoma: Glaucoma is an eye disorder in which the optic nerve of the eye is damaged. It’s a significant eye condition that can lead to impaired vision, partial vision loss, and even blindness if left untreated. Forskolin has long been used to treat glaucoma symptoms, with injections into the eye being the most prevalent method. Forskolin, homotaurine, and L-carnosine eye injections have shown promising effects in providing “glaucoma neuroprotection” from the retinal ganglion cell (RGC), which is the final straw in glaucoma patients’ impaired vision.

Regulates diabetes: Forskolin, also known as C. forskohlii extract, has been shown to reduce insulin resistance and responsiveness, and its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties have made it a beneficial treatment for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and even diabetes. In a 2014 study, forskolin was found to lower fasting blood glucose levels in both diabetic and healthy Wistar rats. While more research is needed to verify its efficacy, the study showed show that it might be used to control blood glucose levels.

Maintains heart health: As previously stated, one of the key advantages of forskolin is its ability to activate the second messenger cAMP. Smooth muscles are relaxed thanks to cAMP. Different organs in our bodies, such as the heart, intestines, and lungs, are made up of these muscles. Forskolin aids in the relaxation of heart muscles, which is crucial in the event of a heart attack. In rats, NKH477, a forskolin derivative, helped to restore cardiac dysfunction associated with chronic heart failure, according to an animal research. It was proposed that NKH477 could potentially restore heart damage induced by a heart attack.

Regulates blood pressure: Smooth muscle makes up the heart and blood vessels like arteries and veins. An increase in blood pressure can be caused by inflammation in these muscles. Because of forskolin’s effect on smooth muscle, it can lower inflammation and hence blood pressure. Forskolin can be an excellent supplement to promote heart health and manage blood pressure because it is a natural relaxant. Please check your doctor before using forskolin if you are taking blood pressure medication.

Maintains lung health and prevents asthma: Forskolin has long been used to treat upper respiratory infections and irritation. Its role in activating cAMP to relax smooth muscles also extends to the lungs, allowing lung muscles to relax for easier breathing. Smooth muscles that are relaxed boost the lungs’ ability to hold more air, widen the airways, and open them up. The benefits of forskolin supplementation can be extremely substantial if you have asthma, which causes inflammation and swelling of the airways.

Final Thoughts

Forskolin, derived from the root of the coleus forskohlii plant, has been used to improve heart health, respiratory difficulties, skin diseases, and more for centuries. Forskolin functions as a powerful detoxifying agent in the body by removing contaminants that block the cortisol receptor. It supports weight loss and maintenance by lowering the body’s stress response, influencing fat accumulation, improving insulin resistance, and reducing inflammation. Little is known about the side effects of forskolin and it is advisable to talk to your healthcare professional before taking forskolin supplements.

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