From Drought to Bushfire to COVID, and falling in love with our limitations

From Drought to Bushfire to COVID, and falling in love with our limitations (14th August 2020): Welcome rain and now finally we can be declared drought free. The battle is not over yet.  Therefore,  more than ever before it is important to keep supporting the local community, because we may have had some rain, for sure, but we still have a long way to go to recoup and get back on track.

I know that we all love our overseas travels and we all can name our favourite destination, but now is the time to enjoy our own beautiful backyard.  Time to sell the beauty of our backyard.

I have heard of a restaurant in Ubud in Bali called Locavore.  A locavore only eats what is obtained locally.

Everything in that restaurant is produced by farmers and local producers and all the chefs carry a heat that reads “Go local or go home”.  I think more than ever now, it is important to support our local community, our local producer, and our local retailers and restaurants.

It is heartening to see Dubbo residents supporting local efforts and patronising the farmers markets.

Become a locavore.

We are still reeling with border closures, second wave of infections and growing unemployment.  We have moved from gradual disruption to sudden disruptions.

Another reality is we are on one hand getting disconnected physically but getting more connected virtually.  We are all living long days on Zoom, MS Teams, etc whether it is speaking with our loved ones across the country or globe or in aged care facilities.  Everyone is talking about the grind; the struggle is real.  We are missing the connection that we all took for granted.

For us to live through this it is important to focus on what we want from every conversation.  We need to focus on what is important and we need to get that done.

At every level we need to innovate, find ways of connecting, and maintaining connections.  What is your way of accommodating present limitations?  Perhaps one way is to fall in love with our limitations?  That sure is mine, what is yours?