Go local, lend a hand

Go local, lend a hand (21/06/2020):

The Saturday markets were on again in Dubbo this morning, and as Dubbo residents are emerging from the pandemic, – the talk around the markets is about what needs to be done differently, or better, into the future.

COVID 19 temporarily took our freedom and lifestyles away as well as our civil liberties.  However, we are now presented with an opportunity to reset.  To approach everything, we do with fresh thinking.

And retailers and small businesses are doing just that.  Gradually they are opening their doors implementing a range of social distancing and hygiene protocols to ensure health guidelines are maintained.  As they slowly get back into the swing of things, it is important to understand where they have been and how they have coped.  Please understand that they have survived one of the hardest professional and personal challenges themselves.

Yes, while they are definitely excited to open the doors to do what they know best to do, the worst is not over yet.  So, do everything you can to support your local business.  Help them and work with them to rebuild and recover.  Be patient and understanding in your dealings with them.   You know that the imposition of limits on social distance has led retailers and businesses to use new tools or rather tools that were already known to them but acquiring a new enormous role.  This includes online and home deliveries, and click and collects – and many many more.

This makes it clear that what we need to do is to identify solutions and actions beyond our specific industry.  We were in a way unprepared for this pandemic, this medical emergency which mutated into a fiscal and economic emergency.

I think we will all learn from this and how to improve our preparedness.

Its not all doom and gloom.  There are improvements and easing of restrictions in our sights.  There are number of centres where testing for COVID 19  is being offered, and respiratory clinics have been set up to support Dubbo residents who need additional care and support.

Movie fans can look forward to the cinemas opening up in the first week of July.  The Dubbo Rotunda Markets have been given the green light to open.

There has been never a better time to support our local businesses and so find your way of supporting your local economy – its not always about buying.  Find your way unique way of participation and contribution.

There are many many ways that you can be part of this recovery and rejuvenation process.  Find your way.  Get involved.

And get that caravan out of the shed, and take that camping or caravanning holiday and inject into the regional tourist economy who have been without an income for months.

Australia is a beautiful place with diversity of people, landscape, culture and history.  Support your locals and spend money here.  Be part of the rejuvenation.