Healthy living creates a whole new world!

Healthy living creates a whole new world! (13 02 2021):

Habits rule our lives and shape our days. Whether you are aware of it or not , everything from your emotional response to stress to how you get dressed in the morning is a habit. We all have good ones and some really bad ones.

It all starts with a goal. A goal to improve a certain aspect of your life. Maybe you want to lose weight, eat healthier, make new friends, get more fresh air. Carving a little time out of a busy schedule to incorporate a healthy habit is the ultimate in self care.

Start the day by drinking a glass of water. Often we crave for caffeine right after we wake up. But in reality we are just dehydrated. Give your body that much needed dose of H2O and see how your digestion improves.

Eat breakfast.

By eating a healthy breakfast your body has the energy to go through the day. Skipping breakfast is one of the most unhealthy practices.One tends to put on more weight if you indulge in this practice. The body does not have enough energy to burn calories and your metabolism goes for a toss.

Start a gratitude practice.

Every morning writeatleast one thing you are grateful for. The negativity of news and social media can take its toll. But don’t forget there is a lot of good in your life and world too.

Stand up regularly.

If you are someone who sits for a long time for work, take regular breaks. This helps in decreasing back pain, lowers the chances of weight gain, heart diseases and even improves your mood.

Take regular phone breaks.

Many of us our in the terrible habit of checking our phones all the time. We check them in the middle of a conversation, while out to dinner, or when we are about to sleep. Giving your self designated times to check your phone is a great way to break this bad habit. It is also a wonderful way to get into the habit of living in the moment without your phone.

Incorporate seeds in your diet.

Healthy seeds such as flax, chia, hemp are so easy to add into your meals. Throw some in your morning youghurt or cereals,smoothies and salads. They help to reduce blood sugar and are Excellent source of protein and also lowers the risk of cancer.

Read daily.

In February we celebrated world reading day. The benefits of reading are numerous.if you wish to stretch your brain muscle and also learn something new , making a habit of this simple hobby is a great way to do that.

Make self care a priority.

It can be easy o get into the bad habit of putting yourself last. When you don’t make yourself the priority , you become drained , stressed. Something as simple as taking a hobby class, or going to a spa or simply getting a relaxing bath is a wonderful way to show yourself the self care you deserve. The reward is a radiant vibrant and happier you. What more could you want!.

Practice simplifying in some way.

Minimalism and simple living have been taking the world by storm, recently. So many people are yearning for a less materialistic life. Declutter is the new mantra for a healthy lifestyle.  The benefits of owning less impact on our environment and our lives in so many positive ways. . Start with buying less clothes, or use recyclable bags when getting groceries. Continue to push your boundaries. You will see what a beautiful world you have created around you.

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