Kansa Wand

Kansa Wand (1st July 2022):

Did you know that the Kansa Wand predates the Jade Roller and the Gua Sha.

Did you know that why you may need a Kansa Wand?

Kansa Wand is an ancient skincare tool that originated well before the tools that we know today, and when you pick up a kansa wand you pick up a 5000 year old facial technique.  This will add an extra dimension to your beauty routine and the results will speak for itself.

Kansa came about in the bronze age in India—where welders were able to get temperatures high enough to forge copper and aluminum.   Kansa which is the the metal used in Kansa wands is also described as  the “bell metal” because bells—and Tibetan gongs—are made out of this same material. What is amazing about this metal is its ability to balance pH. In ancient times, most people ate their meals on a Kansa plate to help make the digestion easier and reduce the acid content in the food. They drank their water from Kansa cups because it was almost like a water filtration system—it would remove the acid content from the water. Eventually, they discovered incredible health benefits by applying the metal directly to the skin as well.

The best way to use the kansa wand on your skin:  Try using the kansa wand with a beauty serum.  It is advisable to use a serum that is high in vitamins and minerals.  When you apply the serum with the kansa wand, you may notice some graying on your skin.  That is definitely not a cause of worry.  In fact, it just tells you that its working.  After your routine, simply wipe away with a damp cloth.

What the kansa wand does is improve circulation and lymphatic drainage.  This is achieved by massaging the deeper muscle in the face and releasing the energy channels.  The wand can be used both mornings and night.  Some prefer to use it in the morning, specially those who feel and see a puffing around the eyes.  It helps boost collagen production.  So, if you are looking for a natural facelift, make the kansa wand your choice.

The Kansa want can be cleaned by wiping down the bronze cap with tea tree oil and a soft cloth.  You may also wash the bronze end with mild soap, but best of course to use only mild, natural detergents or lemon rind.

How to use the wand: After you dab a bit of serum on the metal side of the want, run the wand following a figure “8” on your forehead.  Move to round your eyes, and with a circular movement fo to your nose.  Use upward firm but gentle stroke for your cheeks.  Rinse face well after use usually with warmish but not hot water.  Moisturise your face.

This healing metal is one for your so that your face and skin  remains balanced, toned, firmed,  relaxed, lustrous and fresh.

The kansa wand has also been used for full body massage.  Ayurvedic practitioners state that it can help to increase the connection between the body and the mind, help in destressing body and mind and also improving energy levels.

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