On Collagen

On Collagen (27th March 2021):

From lattes to brownies—nowadays, collagen protein powder can be found in many food products. But, what exactly is collagen?

Collagen is basically a fibrous structural protein that plays a key role in holding our body together. It can be found in bones, skin, cartilage, hair, and even nails. In simpler terms, you may think of collagen as a glue that structures our body, and accounts for about a third of our total body protein.

Importance of Protein

If you are adding collagen protein to your diet, then you are increasing the intake of amino acids too. Amino acids, especially glycine are the building blocks of protein within the body. Glutamine, for instance is another amino acid that is a key player in improving gut function, and supporting the growth of our body cells.

How Does the Body Make Collagen?

Our body makes collagen out of vitamins and minerals through multiple processes.

As you age, it’s normal for collagen to decrease. This can contribute to increasing wrinkles, weakening of muscles and ligaments, and digestive issues.

Exposure to heat, smoking, and drinking can have damaging effects on the body’s collagen production capacity. For production of proper amounts of collagen, a balanced diet consisting of healthy nutrients is a must…

Key Nutrients in Collagen Production

  • Vitamin C:

Did you know?… Our body’s capacity to maintain healthy skin, teeth, and connective tissues is heavily dependent on its supply of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C may just be present among the variety of foods you have in the kitchen already. Some of these include cherries, citrus fruits, currants, tomatoes, and peppers. So, next time don’t forget to include them as a part of your healthy diet schedule!

  • Zinc:

Also, if you are a meat-eater you are most likely to obtain the necessary amounts of amino acids and nutrients crucial to collagen production.But, how is that so?

Zinc is an abundant nutrient in meat-rich diets. It acts as a key nutrient in the process which breaks down collagen in the gut, and reuses it to build more proteins.

Indeed, plant-based diets may not contain the same loads of amino acids as those in meat-rich diets. But they can still provide certain essential nutrients needed to create collagen.

Sometimes, it can be hard to trust oneself, especially when it comes to understanding hunger and fullness cues. So, don’t hesitate to go for protein-rich foods. They can keep you feeling  full and energized for a long time. Eat healthy, and stay safe!

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