One flew across the World

One flew across the World (22nd August 2020): Have you seen an American wood duck?  Some refer to it as Carolina duck.  It is one of the most colourful North American waterfowl.  They usually live in the South East and along the Pacific coast, nesting in trees.

Now one of these American birds from faraway North America was recently seen in a Bengal village almost 13,000 km away.  No one really knows how he arrived there.  We know for sure that he did not use public transport!  Nor did he take a chartered flight!  He flew by himself across clouds and landed into the lush water bodies of Bengal.  The visit by this colourful male American wood duck has perked up the local community of a small Bengal village around 20km from Kolkata.  It has created a stir and a boom to the local economy as bird enthusiasts flock to the village.

And so, it is within Australia, as migrants from different parts of the world come into small regional towns and brighten up the local economy.  They bring with them stories of diverse lives reflecting the hues of a rainbow in many ways.

Diversity is a boon, and Dubbo as a regional town is mastering the art of celebrating diversity.  And of the many places that we see manifestations of diversity in Dubbo are the Dubbo Markets.  This includes the Dubbo Farmers Markets held on first and third Saturday morning each month.  This is held on the park on the corner of Newell Highway and Macquarie Street.  The Dubbo Rotunda Markers held near the Rotunda is another manifestation of colour and diversity showcasing locally made goods.  And the diversity of the local residents is reflected in the hand made boutique items found there.

The city is really generating a multi partisan approach to diversity, and the community are really coming on board to demonstrate respect for each other and adhering to the principles of good citizenship.

I love Dubbo, and a big shout out to Dubbo residents from all of us at Healthboost.