Pine Needle Tea: Let’s Sip in!

Pine Needle Tea: Let’s Sip in! (26th Jun 2021):

Everybody loves a stroll through a pine forest. The fresh, citrusy smell of pines wafting above have refreshed our minds like none before…

We are all aware of these majestic trees in the outdoors. But, did you know that pine needles can also become a favourite part of your healthy diet schedule?!

Yes…Pine needles make in for a delicious, healthy tea that’s rich in essential vitamins, minerals, polyphenolic compounds and flavonoids. In fact, these needles have three to five times more Vitamin C than oranges.

No wonder, why early settlers of North America were so keen on using it to give a natural boost to their immune system!

It’s never too late to start your day with a miracle tonic—the pine needle tea!

Most illnesses can be traced to cell damage. But, what causes cell damage? Free radicals! And, the pine needle tea is loaded with antioxidants that can eliminate these harmful free radicals from your body. So, get ready to enhance your cognitive functions and defeat infectious diseases with this herbal hero!…

Wonders of the Pine Needle Tea 

  • The Heart Caretaker:

According to a recent Korean journal, pine needle tea has numerous anti-inflammatory properties. It helps prevent the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (or, bad cholesterol) that causes a build-up of plaque along your artery walls.

Even a little bit of inflammation or swelling may be a sign of your immune system fighting off an infection. If inflammation becomes chronic, it can trigger cardio-vascular risks. So, place your care in the hands of a natural health practitioner who can help you to deal with such symptoms.

  • A Natural Expectorant:

Vitamin C is often touted as a natural cold remedy. If you have a sore throat, or feel a cold coming on, reach for some pine needle tea. Its healing properties help eliminate bacteria by forcing mucus out, and quickly clear the sinuses.

  • The One-shot Digestive Aid:

If you are looking for herbal remedies to ease your intestinal discomfort without any side-effects, then you are at the right place!

It’s been scientifically proven that regular intake of pine needle tea cleanses the liver by helping the body in the detoxification process. Sounds like a good remedy when your upset stomach is due to a slight hangover!

  • A Mood Elevator:

Do you find yourself often feeling fatigued, losing focus easily, or feeling over-stressed? If so, pine needle may come in handy for you.

Just think about how the scent of actual pine can make you feel instantly happier amidst your hectic work schedule!

With all these amazing benefits, doesn’t it now seem that pine is a jack of all trades?!

Let’s join hands in giving our immune system the extra boost it needs to fight illnesses. In these times of uncertainty, please don’t hesitate to opt for products that may naturally keep you healthy and safe…

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