Pointing it out

Pointing it out(6th September 2020): Have you been to a facility recently where they have pointed a gun at you? Not a real gun, but one that looks like a gun. The temperature checker also known as thermometer. What does it feel like when this person also perhaps wearing a mask points a gun like object to your head?
And how would our children and young people take it? Would they look at it and go yep, this is normal and natural. What does this image do to one’s psyche? It’s terribly unfortunate isn’t it on a range of levels.
There is a whole area of medical and health science that talks about the importance of the pineal gland located at the back of our head. This pineal gland is really important to us. It is known as the gateway to our nervous system.
I read a statement from an Australian nurse who talked about how worried she was that she had started implementing the new protocol of taking and recording each person’s temperature by aiming for the centre of their forehead with a thermometer shaped gun. The nurse had to pull the trigger, wait for the beep and record the temperature. The nurse realised that this is a potential health threat because you were pointing an infrared ray to the pineal gland.
So next time someone asks your permission to take your temperature with a thermometer shaped gun. Absolutely give them permission -its an important health protocol – but perhaps request them to aim at your wrist or elbow.
Let not talk about unqualified people taking temperature without training in how to read and record someone’s temperature.
All in all, we need to think carefully about what’s happening around us and respond sensibly but safely. For the future of our children.
On a more positive note, just pointing out that yesterday Australia celebrated Jersey Day, to support the Donate Life network and engage in the important conversation around organ donation. I hope you pulled your old jersey out! And spoke with your family and friends about organ and tissue donation.

Author: Gargi Ganguly, Director, Healthboost Australia.

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