RED ROOTRed root is an herbal formulation made from the root of the Ceanothusamericanusplant. Admired among natural medicine practitioners and herbalists today, people have used red root for hundreds of years in traditional medication.

What is Red Root?

Ceanothusamericanusis a white flowering plant with a long reddish root. The plant is native to eastern North America. It’s generally called New Jersey tea because during the Revolution, American colonists used the leaves of this plant as an alternative for tea.
Red root has a vast history of use in traditional Native American medication. People brewed the root as a tea and used it to aid pneumonia, fever, colds, toothaches, digestive issues, and urinary tract infections in women. Today, homeopathic practitioners and herbalists often use Red root in their practices. Anecdotal sources report making a tincture that contains extremely diluted extracts from the root bark and the leaves of the plant. Herbalists and homeopathic practitioners generally use this to aid respiratory conditions, support the spleen, and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Health Benefits of Red Root

Advantageous for Heart Health
Many study reviews suggest that natural plant products like tannins can have pharmacological effects on your heart health. For instance, they can assist protect your blood vessels and heart, which helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Additionally, tannins act as antioxidants and help lessen oxidative stress in the cells. According to studies, oxidative stress levels can increase hypertension, and tannins can help maintain these levels. As a result, they help boost your heart health.

Decreases the Risk of Genetic Mutation

Processed foods, fertilisers, and pesticides have increased the risk of genetic mutation. Genetic mutations may change the protein functioning and protein synthesis in your body, causing disorders.
Tannins can have particular restrictive effects on these mutagens in your body. According to a research, natural plant extracts like tannins show anti-mutagenic potential and maintain human metabolic homeostasis because of their antioxidant attributes.

Antibacterial Effects

Bacterial infections are very easy to contract and can cause intense diseases like E. coli. According to a study, natural plant-based alkaloids may prevent the growth and spread of viruses and bacteria. Additionally, these alkaloids resist the representation of diverse bacteria and prevent the evolution of these pathogens that cause diseases. Because of these features, people globally use Red root in herbal and natural medications, mostly Ayurvedic treatments and DIY treatments. Researchers also noticed that some of the natural components present in Red roots resist the growth of specific types of oral pathogens. According to studies, the methanol extract demonstrates these antimicrobial activities against four kinds of oral pathogens.

Favourable for Thalassemia Patients
Thalassemia is a hereditary blood disorder in which your body produces abnormal haemoglobin. It destroys the red blood cells, leading to anaemia. People suffering from this disorder mostly require blood transfusion and are at risk of enlarged spleen.
According to studies, using Red root with standard treatment improved the blood test results. Additionally, it ensures a long time between blood transfusion and a decrease in spleen size.

Beneficial for the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is part of your immune system and complementary to your circulatory system. Red root can boost your lymphatic system. Moreover, it can support your spleen and many ailments related to the lymphatic system. An efficient lymphatic system boosts general wellbeing and prevents many diseases.
Red root is a beneficial DIY herbal treatment for the lymphatic system. The antioxidant attributes of the Red root can help improve your lymphatic system, destroy free radicals and promote better health.

Boosts Your Digestive System

Most homeopathic practitioners consider Red root extracts to be highly efficient in promoting your good gut health. Constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal pains are some disorders that Red root can soothe. Moreover, it promotes the growth of good gut bacteria, which assist in better food absorption and digestion, thus enhancing overall good health.

Helps Detox Your Body

Modern diets, lifestyles and pollutants can increase the number of toxins in your body. Red root tea can help detox your body destroy these toxins trough lymphatic system. Additionally, it helps detox your system due to its antioxidant features. It helps increase cell life, helping your body work better and more effectively.

How to Use Red Root Safely

If you want to include Red root in your diet, it is necessary to keep a few things in mind and avoid probable complexity. First, while buying red root extract or other products, make sure to check the vendor’s reliability and the reviews. Check the complete list of ingredients. It is best to only buy it from vendors who have been certified by an independent lab.
You should read the label properly and follow it. For instance, a standard dose might be 1-5 drops of water, 1-3 times a day.
You can also use Red root leaves to prepare a tincture. You can also use a concentrated mixture to make detox drinks or use it as a supplement in your other foods.


Detox Drink
• Preparation time: 10 minutes.
• Serves:2
Red root leaves/extract,
2 cups of water.
I. Put 2 cups of water in a pot, put the Red root leaves/extract, and let it boil.
II. Let the water boil for 5-10 minutes.
III. Let the water cool down and then separate the ingredients and divide them into 2 cups.
IV. You can sip the detox water throughout the day.

The Takeaway

Red root is an herb with a long medicinal history. Today, many homeopathic practitioners suggest Red root extracts for particular health conditions like respiratory issues and disorders related to the lymphatic system. Even though red root shows remarkable beneficial features, it is necessary to consult a doctor or healthcare professional before adding it to your diet or using it as a DIY medication.

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