Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi Mushrooms (6th October 2021):

Reishi has been one of the most extensively used mushrooms in natural medicine for centuries. It grows in several locations in Asia. Lingzhi is another name for this fungus. The reishi mushroom has been used to boost immunity, reduce stress, promote sleep, and reduce fatigue. There is some scientific proof of its efficacy, including lab research and a few human studies. Researchers are examining the chemical makeup of this mushroom to learn more about how and whether it is effective for each of these ailments.

Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms

1) Boosts your immunity

Reishi mushrooms give a boost to your immunity system. The most essential benefit of ingesting Reishi mushrooms is that it helps to enhance your immune system. Several in vitro studies have revealed that reishi may have an influence on white blood cells, which are essential for the immune system. According to the findings of these investigations, this mushroom may modify inflammation pathways in white blood cells. A number of studies on colorectal cancer have found that when the reishi mushroom is consumed, lymphocytes rise. The experiments were done on persons who were suffering from various illnesses, but it is thought that reishi can also benefit healthy people.

2) Helps you battle against depression

Reishi is thought to aid in the reduction of weariness and depression, as well as improving our general quality of life. In one study, 132 persons with neurasthenia (a poorly defined illness characterised by aches, pains, dizziness, headaches, and irritability) were given reishi mushrooms to see how they affected them. The study discovered that consuming reishi supplements lowered fatigue and enhanced well-being in just 8 weeks. Another study discovered that ingesting reishi for four weeks reduced fatigue and enhanced quality of life. 

3) Rich in anti-oxidants

Antioxidants are substances that can aid in the prevention of cell damage. Aside from the effects explained by traditional Chinese medicine, there is still insufficient official research on the subject. Reishi mushroom has been found in a small number of studies to increase good cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

4) Anti-cancer

Reishi mushroom was taken by 59 per cent of breast cancer survivors in one research consisting of almost 4,000 women. Furthermore, multiple test-tube experiments have demonstrated that it can cause cancer cells to die. Because of its effects on the hormone testosterone, some research has looked into whether reishi could be beneficial for prostate cancer. This can be substantiated by a case study that shows molecules identified in this mushroom were reported to be capable of reversing prostate cancer in people.

5) Regulates blood sugar level

Molecular compounds present in the reishi mushroom have been shown in several tests to lower blood sugar levels in animals. Blood sugar levels after meals produced mixed outcomes. Reishi mushroom decreased blood sugar in some cases, while it was worse than a placebo in others.

6) Promotes heart health

Reishi mushroom was found to boost “good” HDL cholesterol and lower triglycerides in a 12-week study comprising 26 participants. Other studies in healthy adults, on the other hand, found no improvement in these heart disease risk variables. However, a thorough study of five independent research involving about 400 persons found no favourable impacts on heart health. Further research needs to be conducted to fully understand the impact of reishi mushrooms on heart health.

Risks of consuming reishi mushrooms

Some research on the reishi mushroom has found it to be safe after several months of use, while others have found it to be unsafe after a few months. It is advisable to consult your physicians before consuming it.

How to incorporate reishi mushrooms into your diet?

Although the reishi mushroom is grown and sold as a meal, it can be harsh and bitter. It is frequently dried or used as an extract for health reasons, such as in the form of powder, capsule or liquid. Because the dose of reishi mushroom changes depending on the type of fungus, it’s crucial to know which type you’re taking. Higher doses are obtained through eating the mushroom itself, whereas smaller doses are obtained from extracts.

Final thoughts

The benefits of consuming reishi mushrooms are ample and the risks are comparatively less. Therefore it is safe to conclude that incorporating this into your diet can benefit your health in a number of ways.


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