The importance of being positive

The importance of being positive (28/06/2020): We are all going through uncertain times unsure of tomorrow and what it brings.  More than ever it is important in these times to maintain a sense of positivity, to shift our thinking, and can I even say, to change our expectations of and for ourselves, and others.

We are acutely aware and we continually hear people complain about their difficult realities and bad experiences, and certainly many of our clients and customers are traumatized by the virus as well as recent racist incidents.  Others are managing financial distress and minor struggles.  We request you to consider the importance of positive thinking particularly in these trying times.

Scientists have demonstrated the link between positivity and chronic health conditions.  Did you know about the connection between negativity and Alzheimer’s?

Depression and anxiety can stem from negative thinking.  So can a spectrum of conditions from headaches to insomnia to mental disorders.  This in fact can have a negative impact on your immunity and even cognitive functioning.  The cumulative effect of such conditions can have serious negative consequences on our health.

Dr Natalie Merchant (UCL Psychiatry) notes: “Depression and anxiety in mid-life and old age are already known to be risk factors for dementia.  Here we found that specific thinking patterns implicated in depression and anxiety could be an underlying reason why people with those disorders are more likely to develop dementia.  Taken alongside other studies, which link depression and anxiety with dementia risk, we expect that chronic negative thinking patterns over a long period of time could increase the risk of dementia.  We do not think the evidence suggests that short term setback would increase one’s risk of dementia.  We hope that our finding could be used to develop strategies to lower people’s risk of dementia by helping them to reduce their negative thinking patterns”.

So, if you are feeling scared, confused or struggling in these uncertain times – reach out to family and friends, reach out to your medical advisors, reach out to our natural health practitioner.

Take some practical steps – take a walk, do some exercises, follow a healthy diet, get enough sleep, try meditation to reduce your stress level, get out in the sun and enjoy the sunshine and as we recommended previously – reach out to family and friends and strengthen your positive relationships.  These are in your power to do and these do not cost money.  It will make a profound difference to your life.

On one hand, restrictions are lifting, and domestic travel will be recommencing slowly.  A glimmer of hope appears in the horizon.  Be ready and be cautious.  Take a look at tips and advice to ensure you have a safe and hassle-free event, whatever that looks like; and as we always recommend for those seeking a getaway or a trip – explore your own backyard.  We have some amazing destinations not that far away.  Your next memorable getaway might be near you.

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