United we stand

United we stand (25th September 2020): Oceans separate Australia and India but distance cannot break the bond of love and friendship that the two countries share. One element that further strengthens that love is the game of cricket.
Perhaps rivals on the field, but today they stand united in their love and respect for Dean Jones and his contribution to the game of cricket. Every Indian and every Australian will remember Dean’s tenacity and resilience as he ploughed through the humid and hot summer of 1986 in Chennai to score a massive 210 – fighting dehydration, vomiting andfierce competition.
Taking of hot weathers, summer will soon be upon us, and its time to really get the best of our backyard. Take off the pool cover and take off the kilos that might have crept up on many of us.
It is true that due to COVID 19 many formal planned outdoor activities like camps and music festivals may have been cancelled. So wherever possible embrace the summer months as a family and participate and create your own camp, your own festival and a very memorable summer.
However, if you are running out of ideas check with our tourist information centre. There are some activities still happening in a planned way. For instance, there is this sheep shearing farm tour being organised at a local Trangie Farm. Or you may want to go as a family and watch the Under 13, Under14, and Under 15 Cricket Youth Championships (they are the Brett Lee and Glen McGraths of tomorrow! Or on Friday head down to the Night Markets and Race Day.
There’s something for everyone in this regional area.

Some things to remember:
Some essential vitamins to take during summer are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Vitamin D. These essential Vitamins will help you and your family remain healthy and give a boost to your metabolism. It will help you improve on your digestive health and give your immunity a boost.
Of course, a must is to drink plenty of water, and stay well hydrated.
Some food that will help you and your family enjoy the summer are watermelon, yoghurt, avocado, berries, green tea, ginseng, leafy greens, among others.
Check in with our Healthboost team if you wish to learn a little more about the different vitamins and foods required for a happy and healthy summer.
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