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NXGEN Wholefoods brings together science, nature and ancestral nutrition to improve and support health and wellbeing. The popular products are as follows:
1) NXGEN Grass Fed Beef Thymus Capsules
2) NXZEN Organic Beef Kidney Capsules 500mg
3) NXGEN Oyster Extract Capsules 500mg
4) NXGEN Organic Beef Liver Capsules 500MG
5) NXGEN Organic Beef Heart Capsules 500mg
6) NXGEN Grass Fed Pure Colostrum Capsules 500mg
7) NXGEN Grass Fed Beef Organs Capsules 500mg
8) NXGEN Grass Fed Beef Bone Marrow Capsules 500mg
9) Nxgen Grass Fed Male Optimise w/ Beef Organs *500mg 160 count*
10) Nxgen Grass Fed Beef Intestines w/tripe (Stomach) *500mg*
11) Nxgen Grass Fed Beef Lung w/ Liver *Supports Lung, Respiratory, Vascular, Circulatory Health*
12) Nxgen Bull Testicle *Protein | Testosterone | Zinc*
13) NexGen Grass fed Beef Thyroid 500mg
14) Nxgen Organic Beef Collagen Capsules with Marrow and Liver
15) Nxgen Organic Beef Tallow Capsule 160 Count
16) NxgenWild Fish Eggs Capsules
17) Nxgen Organic Lamb Liver Capsules
18) Nxgen Beef spleen capsules (5x more than Liver)
19) Nxgen Grass fed Beef Organs Gold Label

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