The Miracles of Wild Yam

The Miracles of Wild Yam:

annas wild creamThese days, our hormonal systems are severely disrupted either by pollution caused by plastics, cleansing chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives, or by the usage of medicines such as contraceptive pills, and the adoption of hormone replacement therapies.

For those of you who are tired of dealing with menstrual discomforts, menopause, endometriosis (a disorder in which tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside it, and causes complications like pain and menstrual irregularities), and other feminine health conditions, we bring you good news!

There is actually a wonder remedy that works naturally by balancing the hormones of the adrenal gland such as estrogen (known as ‘sex hormones’). The adrenal gland is responsible for producing and influencingmany important hormones that promote our physical and mental well-being.

Moreover, this product we are talking about now is definitely worth trying. We assure you that it’s not like many of those chemical ones available outside that have failed to live up to your expectations…

Of course, we don’t intend to leave you all in suspense…So, we are giving out the name that is sure to work wonders and bring new colours to your life!

Anna’s Wild Yam Cream!

Being one of the first professionally blended quality Wild Yam creams available in the Australian market, it has garnered an excellent reputation from its users. That’s not it! It’s also one of the most often repurchased creams of its kind in the international market!

Some of the essential features of Anna’s Wild Yam cream are:

  • Made with the goodness of wild yam;
  • Traditionally used for the relief of menstrual discomfort and menopausal symptoms;
  • 100% natural hormone balancing cream, without any synthetic or bio-identical hormones;
  • Boosts energy levels and fertility

First of all, let’s have a look at what Wild Yam actually is, and how it benefits us…

Well…Wild Yam has a long history of use as a ‘women’s herb’. It’ ability to serve as a reliable cure with regard to the various problems that a woman may be facing during, or after her cycle, is medically proven.

It is capable of relieving symptoms of nausea, and spasms, including those in the intestines, or those generally brought about by menstrual cramps…This is why wild yam is often considered to be an ‘antispasmodic’.

Of course, the list doesn’t end here…

The bulb and roots of the wild yam contain a powerful plant steroid called ‘diosgenin’. Diosgenin is responsible for the production of Pregnenolone hormone that is the building block of all hormones, and naturally equips the body with the ability to generate many of the chemical messengers required for a healthy response by the endocrine system. In turn, it is believed to influence or stabilize the production of several useful hormones like estrogen in a way that can effectively treat certain health conditions, particularly feminine ones. These include:

  • morning sickness,
  • premenstrual syndrome,
  • menopausal symptoms (e.g., hot flashes, night sweats),
  • infertility,
  • menstrual cramps,
  • vaginal dryness,
  • low libido,
  • osteoporosis (a condition that leads to weakening of the bone structure in your body).

The key to naturally achieving hormonal balance comes from providing our bodies with the adequate nutritional resources essential to the production of adrenal cortex hormones, followed by a proper functional chain of messenger chemicals. To achieve this, we strongly recommend the use of a high quality cream like that of Anna’s which has the potential to create equilibrium by delivering its natural ingredients trans-dermally (through the skin), and into the bloodstream.

To better ensure safety and quality, always choose supplements from well-known manufacturers who have an established market presence, and properly mention the list and quantity of ingredients in their products. Self-treating a medical condition, and delaying a course of treatment may have adverse consequences on your health. So, if you are seriously considering the use of Wild Yam, you may also have a word with your natural health practitioner first…

Let’s all be kind to our bodies, eat properly, and practice stress-relieving exercises…Stay safe and healthy!

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