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Jojoba Lip Balm

Jojoba Lip Balm

Jojoba lip balm softens & moisturises the lip.

-It also soothes dry & cracked lips.



100% natural vegan friendly lip balm for the whole family.  Using jojoba oil as a base, this balm is safe for everyone.  It contains Kakadu plum seed oil, which has naturally occurring vitamins A, D and E.

This balm also does not use a base of petrochemicals.

This balm is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Sure to leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth.

A must for all weather, but particularly during autumn and winter.  Perfect for caring for cracked and drying lips. Supports the skin and lips with moisturisation that is required  particularly during periods when the environment is very dry.

This product is Australian made, it is vegan friendly, dairy free, gluten free and free of harsh chemicals.


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