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Fusion Health-Stress Anxiety 120 tabs


Fusion Health-Stress Anxiety

Size: 120 tabs

Herbs are used to improve stress coping capability and relieve mild anxiety. Always read the label to follow the directions for use. If symptoms continue to persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to a health professional.

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Fusion Health-Stress Anxiety

Size: 120 tabs

It’s a natural product which helps to get relief from tension, worry, poor concentration, mild anxiety, fatigue and other symptoms of stress.

Features and benefits:

Beneficial during intense stress times such as work / job pressure, exam time, or quitting smoking.

Contains OciBest®, a standardised, clinically-tested extract of Holy Basil (sometimes also known as Sacred Basil or Tulsi) that has been shown to have major benefits in the management of stress symptoms, including sleep disturbance, fatigue and forgetfulness.

Contains other herbs traditionally used to improve reduce symptoms of stress and worry, stress adaptation, mild anxiety, tension, irritability, restlessness, nervousness, fatigue, sleep disturbances, forgetfulness and poor concentration.

If stress, nervousness, or anxiety are interfering with your sleep, it is recommend to take Fusion® Sleep formula in conjunction with Stress & Anxiety.

If stress symptoms are accompanied by digestive discomfort, it is recommended to take Fusion Digest-10 with Fusion® Stress & Anxiety.

How it works:

Fusion Stress & Anxiety consists of OciBest, which is a standardised extract of the Ayurvedic herb Holy Basil. In a clinical study which  involved people feeling stressed, who took OciBest® in doses equivalent to four Stress & Anxiety tablets per day for 6 weeks was shown to decrease stress symptoms 1.6 times more effectively if compared with taking a placebo supplement, and to be particularly effective for the relief of symptoms such as sleeping difficulties, forgetfulness, and feeling exhausted.

The Ayurvedic herb Withania is also combined in this formula which has traditionally been consumed as a tonic herb (rasayana) to enhance increase energy, physical and mental health, and improve immunity to stress.

In TCM, the symptoms of stress and worry are generally associated with disturbances in the flow of Qi (the life force that flows through the body) or Shen (the energetic force that encompasses the spirit, mind and conscious awareness and which resides in the Heart organ-meridian system).

The instability or agitation of the Shen can be due to mental pressure, physical stress, or intense emotions, and may also lead to the same symptoms, often manifesting as nervousness, irritability, mild anxiety, or insomnia.

The Chinese herbs in Fusion® Stress & Anxiety work together to provide stability to Shen, regulate the Qi, calm the mind and spirit and quieten the Heart organ-meridian system which  reduces stress, promote restful sleep, mild anxiety, improve energy and mental function, and ease nervous indigestion and other digestive difficulties associated with stress.


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